Sun Dancer boss collaborates with friend for business offer

Sun Dancer boss collaborates with friend for business offer

A great wee story here about Sun Dancer owner Lee and his friend Natalie who owns Bella Salon.

Friends from school, the duo have come up with a fantastic offer to help drive footfall to each other’s businesses.


TWO school friends who now run different businesses have formed a collaboration to support each other during the Covid-19 crisis.

Natalie Equi and Lee Jack who have been firm friends since primary school have come up with a deal which is intended to drive footfall to each other’s businesses.

Natalie runs Bella Salon and Lee Jack runs the award-winning Sun Dancer restaurant, both based in Nairn and for the month of October, anyone using Natalie and her team’s beauty services or dining in the restaurant will be given a 15% off voucher for the other business.

Natalie who also has a plethora of awards under her belt has run Bella Salon for 7 years but recently moved to new larger premises, but like many sectors her business has felt the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Lee and I thought this might be a good collaboration during these unprecedented times. Therefore, anyone using Bella Salon in October will be given a voucher for 15% off one main meal in the Sun Dancer, and Lee will give his customers a similar voucher which can be redeemed at Bella Salon.

“We have very different businesses but we share a lot of the same clientele so we thought it would be nice to give them a treat. ”

Natalie added: “I am so pleased to be in our new premises, expanding has always been the next step for Bella but with the current circumstances, we definitely needed a larger, more spacious premises to be able to create a safe environment for our clients but also the staff. With this being the case, we are now able to offer new treatments, employ new staff which has created more appointments that we can offer.”

Lee who opened the Sun Dancer restaurant four years ago added: “Both businesses have been hit massively by Covid and even now that we are both open, we can’t relax. The rules are changing all the time and Natalie is not able to offer her full treatment list yet and we now have to close at 10pm which reduces the amount of covers we can take. I have always believed that collaboration is key when it comes to business, so we thought we would give this a whirl.”

Lee added: “What has been clear since we re-opened is the massive local support and we are very grateful for each and every customer. I hope that one of the good things to come out of this horrendous situation is to continue to use the great range of services, shops and businesses that Nairn has to offer.”


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