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Harbour Street, Nairn IV12 4PH   Tel: 01667 370 037

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Nairn IV12 4PH

Tel: 01667 370 037

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Situated overlooking the Moray Firth, the Sun Dancer Restaurant is now positioned on the foot print of the old ‘Sandancer arcade’. Many a young person spent their pocket money here, fond memories of coppers lost and ice creams eaten, and then on to the beach. I’m sure lovely memories by all who visited this beautiful area.


Unfortunately due to the dilapidated state of the Sandancer arcade it was decided that it would be safer to demolish the old building and build a modern and vibrant building that would compliment the surrounding area, something I am sure you would agree has developed into something very special.

This has always been a dream of our family and I am proud to say that, as local people, we feel that we have put something back for all to share.


As a family, we had been looking for the perfect location for a quality restaurant that would delight all that visited and I am glad to say, we have achieved that with the Sun Dancer Restaurant!

Marje (mum), Mike (dad) and myself were happy to take on such a project, even although it was such a large undertaking, we are delighted with the outcome!

On behalf of Marje and Mike I would like to welcome you all to our exciting new venture and hope you enjoy the Sun Dancer Restaurant and Café as much as we will enjoy your company.


I hope to see you soon, Lee


The Name

Many will ask why it is called “Sun Dancer” and it is a simple but lovely tale. In the history of fishertown, there is an old fisherwifes tale. The tale believes that every night at sunset there used to be a dolphin in the Moray Firth that would jump around the sea until the sunsets. This dolphin was called “The Sun Dancer Dolphin” therefore we believed that it is only fitting that we honour the dolphin and the sea as we look over it during the sunset.


We might just see a sun dancer dolphin again...



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